Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunny Golf

Today has been a gorgeous day weather wise, quite unusual for February on the Isle of Man. I took the opportunity to play a round of golf with one of my radiology colleagues. He's been playing longer than me and is much more consistent. At my stage virtually everyone I play with is much better than me which I find quite nice. It means that I'm not under any pressure to do well, and if I halve or even win the odd hole it's an achievement.

I started well today, with a 4 for par on the 1st and 4 for a bogey on the 2nd. Rest of the round went OK, with only a couple of disaster holes, a few decent drives and a noticeable improvement in my putting. Had to play at Peel today - photo is of the 12th green - as they had a 'shotgun' competition at Douglas which meant the course was full. I've played Peel a couple of times before, and this was by far my best round there.

18 handicap by the end of the year is my aim, and I think it's at least possible.

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